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months behind bars. >> reporter: jay forrest is a free man again, but it will take time to regain his life. >> i'm out of jail, but i don't know where to go from there. i lost custody of my child. i have no place. i lost my job. >> reporter: jay's uncle, joseph forrest died at the wrong end of a police revolver when a female officer shot him during a domestic dispute in february. that same cop accused jay of struggling to get her gun, later testifying that she had been mistaken. >> i lost my uncle, you know, and i'm sitting here for nothing. then you tell people that no one believes you. >> reporter: forrest says he feared for his life as detectives used heavy-handed tactics during his interrogation. >> and he kept saying to me "you know your uncle is dead, right." and i'm crying, saying, man, i can't believe that. he said you know your uncle is dead. why you keep saying that? then he says to me, he says to me, "well, if you people wouldn't act like animals, we wouldn't have to kill you." >> reporter: correction officers threw forrest in with what he described as a collection of kille
in the death of former boxing champion vernon forrest. here is the latest on that story. rafer has that. >> good morning, robin. this is a story that's gaining national attention. "america's most wanted" started profiling it. police believe all the media attention helped. he was robbed with his godson. a man turned himself in for that crime. he's been charged with murder, armed robbery and aggravated assault. that's him there. cops don't believe he pulled the trigger. police say this surveillance video shows where and where other suspects at the apartment where they killed forrest. police say forrest grabbed a gun and went after the robbers before being shot several times in the back. >>> jon bon jovi is losing his football league. bon jovi's philadelphia, they were the champions this year. he's not commenting but the team's website is already shut down. that is a shock to the heart. i'm sorry. i don't mean to make fun. it's a bad day for him. >>> lou holtz, numerous reports say the coach met with top republicans about running for a seat in florida. he said some things on tv that may hu
and death of vernon forrest. we could go forrest was held up at this gas station while he tried to put air in his tires. his 11-year-old godson was using the stores restroom when this whole thing happened. the robber took off on foot with forrest rolex and championship ring. forrest grabbed a gun in his car, and followed him. >> to force comes around the corner he actually sees the individual who ultimately murdered him just a little ways down the street. the forest was shot in the back several times after losing the robber in the darkness and returning to the gas station. and this place is the man who pulled the trigger. police say the video has led to some promising leads. forrest's funeral will be held monday in georgia. the godson was unharmed. >> julie: nearly two dozen show horses worth millions of dollars intentionally poisoned by way of highly toxic oleander leaves. now investigators are trying to figure out who did it and why. the owner of the san diego county ranch where it all happened set someone apparently broken overnight, 23 horses and all poisoned. three are said to be seri
"america's most wanted" will lead them to the killer of three-time boxing champion vernon forrest. the former olympian killed by a robbery attempt on a street in atlanta. "america's most wanted" recently featured the case. police say this is the suspected robber, who got away with forrest's championship ring and a rolex, but they say another man shop forrest -- shot forrest multiple times in the back. police say they hope the video may lead them to as many as four suspects. a correspondent with "america's most wanted" joins us now. there was a memorial service in atlanta today. i guess now they are just trying to figure out who killed this man. >> thousands of people turned out for that memorial service. very sad day in atlanta and throughout the boxing community and even beyond because forrest was known for his charitable work throughout the southeast, so a lot of people are having a really hard time with his death. definitely, police are hoping that the surveillance video will make a difference in this case. as you can see, there's a lot of good pictures there. as you mentioned,
during a scuffle. forrest was arrested and charged with assaulting an officer. however, after the officer testified last week, the charges were dropped. >> in our mind, it was inconsistent, there were discrepancies. >> but we knew going in that she had given contradictory statements. >> reporter: although the charges against forrest were dropped in baltimore city, he remains in jail because he was wanted on a warn in howard county. kathleen cairns, fox45 news at 5:30. >> thanks, kathleen. police are currently looking for a montgomery county shoplift. the problem is they don't know if they're looking for a man or a woman. this person stole a $2,000 chanel dress from saks fifth avenue last week. security cameras caught the entire thing and store workers actually tried to stop the suspect. >> there wasn't a struggle or anything, it was just conversation, and the person, the loss prevention officer was distracted by another person who was exiting, and at that moment he was -- close range face area. >> the suspect took off toward friendship heights, according to police. police have not been ab
of multiculturalism. and stuff of that sort. now, this book here, divine days by leon forrest, i think is probably the greatest afro-american novel. it still has some of the deepest, richest most well-written passages that have entered the american fiction. next to websters, that's shakespeare. you know, he's the ongoing champ. you know, he understood the species. now, there is, of course -- then there's the bible and i've got all kinds of versions of that. i've got the new oxford. i've got the five books of moses. i've got the comparative study of the bible. i've got the complete dead sea scrolls. now, why do i have that? see, the one thing about the bible is this, you can be sure, almost positive, that anywhere you open it up, it's firing on you? every night you'll open it up and you'll get a long distance of genealogy he begat, blah, blah, blah. when you don't get to that, the writing the understanding the drama, the rhythm is there. very few books are like that. the bible is one of them, you know? the only one of them that i know of. you know, now, you say well, i don't know you get in there a
with the murder of former boxing champ vernon forrest. cruz was the getaway driver of the car that pulled into the gas station. he went after the suspect and was fatally shot. that's sports. robin? >> thank you. >>> a county near cedar falls is the first to be able to text a message to 911. right now, the problem is the system can't tell where you are, so the sender would have to sen a reply asking for a location and they might get a message saying call 911. that's kind of like what's the point unless you text your location. bob? >> a couple of delays. you know, it's not going to be a terrible day but i show you the rain going up to washington too. later i think it will be okay. let me show you atlanta. if you're traveling down through here, trying to make a connect, finally a decent start. look hout gorgeous that is. the sun's not up yet. temperatures today, 9 # degrees. sunny and dry. so no threat of a thunderstorm this afternoon. that's a gorgeous shot. what about the rest of the day? we will see delays pop up and it's going to be because of the rain. first part of the day, showers mo
-old joseph forrest. his sister claims the female officer approached her brother from behind during a domestic dispute, and her bright orange and yellow hair coupled with multiple ear and facial rings made it difficult to identify her as a cop. she believes the confusion fueled the fatal confrontation. >> he was trying to keep her from killing him. that's what he was trying do. she's going to kill. and all he trying to do is keep her from killing him. >> reporter: forrest says one officer fired a shot into her brother's back, and then the female officer got up and stood over him as she unloaded her gun into his lifeless body. in east baltimore, jeff hager, abc 2 news. >> the state's attorneys office is trying to determine whether the shooting was justified. meanwhile, the family plans to file suit on behalf of the nephew for false imprisonment. >>> been tracking some showers and even some thunderstorm activity on the eastern shore of maryland as well as delaware. you can see the showers pulling off the coast. now this is what it looked like in delaware at the boardwalk hotel, rehoboth beach ea
. it is also where forrester met his future wife in the late 70's. >> [unintelligible] >> he said in an interview that he loved growing up in the shadow of the nation goes the capital. his military family settled down here when he was in the third grade. he graduated in 1975 and considers fairfax county home. >> people have dreams, and now he is a master not. -- an astronaut. >> their mission? and bringing up supplies to sustain a six person crew in space. forrester said he was excited to work with his team. >> i have to of those children, a 25-year-old and a 23-year-old. mine were pretty much old when i started training for the mission. >> the takeoff is set for august 24. you can follow the astronauts while they're up in space. they will be twittering while up in tspace. someone will be transcribing their thoughts and posting them. >>> that is all for abc news at 5:00. at 6:00, town hall tensions continue to simmer. cash for clunkers, beware. the agreement you do not have the sign. and the life in prison for murder. hear from some other victims who survived. >>> live up, and and
the public led to the arrest of the murder of vernon forrest. professional boxing champion. the arrest came a day after forrest was laid to rest. >>> we might get another jimmy mac. former motown singer martha reeves says she's going back to singing after an election primary. she had been criticized for missing council meetings and the way she voted in some of the issues. >>> come fly with me turned into come buy with me at an indiana airport. hundreds of bargain hunters came out for an auction of items that the airport no longer needed including a bomb-proof trash can. proceeds from the auction will hopefully help around $500,000 needed to support this brand flue airport. >>> what is a birthday celebration like at the white house? let's take a look. ♪ happy birthday to you happy birthday to you♪ >> yes, president obama presented a plate full of cupcakes with of course candles. the veteran reporter helen thomas, she turned 89 yesterday. mr. obama turned 48. but he made sure to keep the spotlight on miss thomas. >>> to the fashion world -- president obama and first lady are well dressed
lavorna, managing director and chief u.s. economist at deutsche bank. tom forrester is the manager of the forrester value fund. let me start with you. the jobs number showed clear improvement but it was still negative. what's your take on the numbers and when will we see positive jobs growth. >> the numbers were still lousy, down almost 250,000. where there was glimmers of hope was largely in the factory work week. it rose 0.3%. that suggests inventory building. we also saw temporary hiring, while still negative, that decline is starting to slow. if we're lucky, maybe we can get a positive payroll report before the year is over. >> we have seen a real improvement in the stock market. the major indices up 50% from their march lows. most of these earnings improvements we have been seeing is coming due to cost cutting. when are we going to see some improvements on the top line? when are companies going to actually start reporting sales improvements? >> you hit the question right on the head there. we don't expect to see real improvements in revenue growth probably until next year. tha
to this surveillance video, the suspect's pontiac pull nothing the gas station. police say after the robbery, forrest went after the suspects with his own gun and that is when investigators say he was shot in the back several times by another man who was in that pontiac. >>> an outdoor stage collapsed in a sudden storm killing one person and trapping actor kevin costner. now, the stage caved in on saturday right before costner and his band were going to perform at the big valley jamboree in alberta, canada. he was not hurt. two people were reported in critical condition. organizers canceled the last day of the country music festival. costner's publicist said "we are so saddened by the loss of life and injury that occurred on a day that carried so much promise but turned so wicked so quickly. we hope to return to alberta in the future to help with the healing." we have learned he was at the hospital to pay his respects to some of the folks there. >>> obama officials suggesting a middle class tax hike, despite promises not to raise taxes on people making $250,000 a yearsome this a necessary evil or did
was scrubbed it twice today. when discovery does launch, springdale asked not at forrester will be on board. it is named after stephen colbert. >>> i wonder how many times you'll mention that on his show. it's pretty good day today with a bit of humanity. oa it traturepewill start to week.iere atn th .o 's t'ju iitntmp n5 the children's hl osta ipi the districts. rrcure. t enading of 70 degrees wrinogh reported. a high of 80 degrees today. let's get right to the storms can. hurricane hunters looked at this area and did not find a circulation center. it did find a gale force winds bloating -- blowing. the system could become tropical storm danny at any time. how strong will leggett? it does not have a hurricane potential. it could be full-fledged tropical storm as it moves to the northwest and could get close to the carolina coast line. we will stay on top of it. in the meantime, let's get back to what happened here today. 86 and will be elevated into moderate range of mold spores. look at these august night temperatures, very sweet. it's very pleasant evening. across much of the mid atlanti
a helium balloon. no word on why it was left outside the library in the first place. >> joseph forrest arrested for assaulting a officer. and now the charges were dropped. but forest is preparing to counter sue prosecutors and police now. last february, officer tracey mckissick said he tried to grab her gun in the scuffle. and charged with assault. and after the officer testified last week, those charges were dropped. >>. >> in our mind it wasn't consistent if there were discrepancies. >> we knew going in, that she had given contradictory statements. >> despite the dropped charges forest remains in jail because forest has a warrant in howard county on an outstanding d. i charge. >> the search is on tonight for a truck driver after a fatal hit-and-run of a man riding his bike near charles village. john yates avid cyclist traveling southbound on maryland avenue. investigators say the accident occurred when he reached west lafayette. truck turning at the intersection when it broadsided yates. according to witnesses. witnesses told police that yates somehow got stuck under the back of the
's the wrong video. forrest hills of florida did beat mexico by the final score of 7-6. >>> moving right along, they say what that's all for sports? signals a little mixed up there. >> i can't believe the orioles first time they have won two consecutive games in two months. >> in two months. >> that's not a good statistics. >> don't talk about it too much because they are going for three tonight. >> let's hope so. >> thank you, stan. >>> coming up tonight at 11 on wjz's eyewitness, some new developments in the investigation surrounding the mental health records of the virginia tech gunman and the pittsburgh area health club where a gunman killed three women is also trying to make a new start at 11:00. be sure to watch without a trace at 10:00 p.m. followed by eyewitness at 11:00. >>> finally tonight, contestants in finland are showing off their best skills at the world air guitar championships last night. take a look. you cannot air guitar in
been preparing forrest rant week since friday. 225 guests have made reservations for monday. >> you can still come in and get a great meal and not have to worry about making your car payment next month. >> reporter: many see it as a chance to support local businesses during a tough time. >> they are getting a great value for the dollar spent. truly a memorable experience. hopefully they will come back to georgia brown's when it's not restaurant week. >> reporter: restaurant week runs through next sunday. people are encouraged to make reservations. >> the government's cash for clunkers program ends tomorrow night. last minute shoppers crowded into lots today. one family traded in their 10-year-old van for that toyota camry. they got a $3,500 rebate thanks to the cash for clunkers program. >> it was an incentive to us. we were holding on and finally it was a good program, we need a car,e had a van, made sense for us. >> been incredible. nothing but good news. we had more business this month than a year ago. we may have a record month. >> the government says nearly half a million cars have
. shepard: now two arrests in the murder of boxing champ vernon forrest. police say the first was a 20-year-old who turned himself in just last night following his appearance on surveillance video and tips from the public. here he is in court. demario ware charged with murder, aggravated assault, armed robbery, and possession of a weapon by a convicted felon. but police say they do not believe he is the man who pulled the trigger in the killing that happened on july 25. cops say forrest was shot in the back after chasing a man who had robbed him of his championship ring and a rolex watch. and we just got word of the second arrest. possibly of the driver of the getaway car involved in the murder, we're told. the cops tell us they are still looking for one more suspect in this case. >>> and another transit worker is in trouble as fox reports tonight. he wasn't texting while driving a train. he is actually accused of letting one of the passengers do the driving. we told but this a few weeks ago when it happened. now both the driver and the passenger are under arrest. it happened on the long is
idol live tour. take you behind the scenes coming up. target. expect more. pay less. >> joseph forrest arrested for assaulting an officer. those charges have been dropped. now forest is preparing a civil case against prosecutors and police. why? kathleen cairns explains. >> a police officer responding tee call on north lakewood avenue last february, initially reported a man tried to disarm her. during the struggle, another man was fatally shot. joseph forrest was arrested and charged with assaulting the officer. and spent months awaiting trial in the city lock up. however, after officer tracey mckissick testified that charges were dropped. >>the testimony provided in court, last week, was inconsistent with earlier meetings that the prosecutors had with this particular witness. >> prosecutors blame the officer. >> in our mind it was inconsist sent. discrepancy. >> defense attorney brown places blame too. >> it was factually impossible for it to have occurred the way she indicated in her written report, and the way seven officers indicated it occurred in their written report. >> officer
it live to you. >>> a follow-up in the murder of former boxing champ vernon forrest. atlanta police have charged 20-year-old demario ware in forrest's death. he went before a judge this morning on charges of robbery, aggravated and assault and murder. police believe that forrest was shot to death in a botched robbery. two more suspects are being sought including the suspected triggerman. >>> 40 years after the manson murders, charles manson and his followers still behind bars. will their appeals for freedom be granted? this is the aarp... medicare supplement insurance plan card. you know what's great about this card? wherever you go, nationwide, your coverage travels with you. and that's just one of the many reasons... you need the card you can trust . because with aarp medicare supplement insurance plans, you can apply year-round, talk with personal health insurance advisors... and so much more. if you're turning 65 or older... or you've already enrolled in a medicare supplement plan, call for this free information kit... and medicare guide. these are the only medicare supplement insura
, middleweight champ anderson silva with forrest griffin, silva knocked down griffin with the left. silva says, "want help?" later in the first, silva letting griffin swing at him then throws a quick right. out cold. 10th consecutive victory. a ufc record. "i'm king of the world."
this week. now to letters. nancy forrest, tulsa, oklahoma. bill: that's a concern for sure, nancy. we're not make anything accusation bus we'll stay on the story. bill: that is true but serial numbers can be traced and we hope the f.b.i. is doing that. bill: if a company is, that'll be the end of them, sir. bill: did you know that rhymes, max? bill: i know this, doctor, i wouldn't let you examine me. bill: excellent. bill: excellent question, barb. we've been around 13 years now. bill: that will torture him and might wise him up. probably not. many who hate us do so blindly. bill: i appreciate that. the line is from the sabotage of a school play that i participated in at st. bridget's school out on long island. our website, www.foxnews.com/oreilly. i did a seven-minute talking points memo about the unraveling of president obama's health care presentation and the possible war the obama administration might want to start against fox. if you missed that, you can get it there. email us with pithy comments from anywhere in the world. oreill@foxnews.com. here's the word of the day, please d
a two day review of its fuel tank. springfield, va. native patrick forrester delivers equipment and supplies, so we will be watching this mission. >>> the tornado warning expired just a few minutes ago, but they are still getting whacked with a heck of a storm. some observers want to share as we take a lkoo at the live triple doppler. on the southern end of the hecounty, st. george'sla isnd, t zoom down there and get some details. as you look at that, some other spotters have spotted funnel clouds in an area near ready date and calloway down from the fairgrounds -- redgate and galloway. that is what we know. heavy storms pushing to the southeast. as he sought other pictures, that is where all the action is across the potomac river. that is about the action that is going to be muddy. -- muggy. wind gusts at the height of the storm were 55 miles an hour. it dropped the temperature from 93 to 76 degrees. 1.75 inches of rain. over an inch in hunting town. let'stalk about bill on our storms can, still like category four hurricane. a strong one with winds topping 133 miles an hour, gu
death of vernon forrest. 20-year-old demario ware turned himself into police. he was gunned down last month when he chase ad robber who snatched his wallet and watch. he was shot repeatedly in the torso and thigh. he won at least three major international boxing titles. >>> a boston cop suspended for an e-mail is fighting back. joe johns tells us how he's responding to the threat of possibly losing his job. >>> first he fired off a racially offensive e-mail to the boston globe. then when it got him suspendsed her fired a lawsuit against the city of boston claiming his civil rights were violated. officer justin barrett's e-mail complained about a column sympathetic to henry lewis gates. the e-mail got him suspended from the police department. should the e-mail be enough to cost him his badge? >> he wrote, if i was the officer he verbally assaulted like a banana eating jungle monkey i would have sprayed him in the face to o.c. apparently a reference to pepper spray. he called it jungle monkey gibberish. he said gates had transcended back to a bumbling jungle monkey. >> reporter: he did
. life is not hollywood. this is not "forrest gump." he's not going to shuck those braces and run down the street. i think there's some things we need to be looking at that haven't been asked in the usual media outlets. one thing i noticed about the establishment, is we were told that he was parked in the back. subpoena the child could have easier access to the back entrance. which was accessible. if you look at google maps or some of the news footage that's shown the establishment from the front, you'll also notice that the front entrance is wheelchair accessible. there's no steps. if both entrances were accessible, why was the child left in back? how long was the child left in back? those are the questions we need to be asking. >> everybody, we are taking your calls live. tonight, the situation grows more urjypt in a search for a 5-year-old little boy, braces on both legs, missing in the oakland area. 510-238-3641, tip line. we are taking your calls live. >> immediately, there was five or six cop cars right after that. it was pretty quick. at that point, our customers were here. we f
and killed champion bacher vernon forrest. they arrested 30-year-old charm charmin sinkfield. he was wearing a wig. that's him right now. >>> incredible viral video for you from germany. a guy on a slip-and-slide. a priged by one there's a ramp at the end of it. real or fake? there are reports it's an animated commercial. cnn has not confirmed whether it's a fake. >> i watched it. i would say how do you fake that? >> exactly. i'm not a tech guy. because he doesn't go out of the frame and there's a splash in the pool. >> i'd hate to be the practice guy. thank you so much. >>> all right. something to think about as you wait for your plane today. hi, chris. >> good morning. i think if you're flying into atlanta today, much better than what you were dealing with yesterday. outside right now, a little bit of fogginess. that can slow things down. otherwise it should be a nice day. storms likely up into philadelphia. you've seen rainfall. we're expecting a half hour to hour delays. rain will slow things down a wells as raleigh, jacksonville, you're going to see thunderstorms. more delays for minnea
square miles of forrest have been burned and this started on wednesday. to give you an indication of how tough it has been for firefighters, only 15% of it has been contained so far. some 1,500 firefighters are on the scene and on top of all of this because of these wildfires and the fact that they are still trying very hard to fight them back. a state of emergency has been declared. >>> other breaking news story this morning, an american being held in a prison in myanmar is coming home according to senator jim webb who was on a trip there who has negotiated the release of john ye it. taw, the american who was convicted for illegally swimming to the home of prodemocracy reader there reader there for suu khy. details still to come. >>> we are talking about two trailblazers, an icon of the civil rights movement and one of broadway's most beloved stars. >> we will explain to you, even though it might not take much explanation, even though the president gave him one of the top honors. daily use... a clinically proven, low-dose tablet for erectile dysfunction you take every day so you can be
coming up. >> there is controversy surrounding the state's stop public defender. nancy forrester has been fired. the board that fired her gave no reason nor comment. she told she had been cited -- told to fire a well respected public defender for no reason. o'malley said he met with her and did not comment on her firing. >> investigators have release aid preliminary report in a small plane cash earlier this month in the keymar area of carroll county. they said the plane'sening -- engine stopped before the crash. joeneather singletary -- robert cienda and let let -- letty williams both died in the crash. >> american airlines flight 448 had problems with the right wing. the pilot declared an emergency and was able to land safely at los angeles international airport. there were no injuries reported. the f. arkansas is investigating -- the f.a.a. is investigating the incident. >> hurricane bill continues to churn in the atlantic. while it is not likely to make land fall, it could still make an impact. beaches will not -- will be staffed with extra lifeguards to deal with high waves and rip cu
. this trip will be patrick forrester's third time in space. the virginia native learned to love science in the classrooms of west springfield high school. he graduated in 1975, and now friends and neighbors in that community are talking about their local hero. >> yeah, it's pretty amazing. people have dreamed, they fulfill them, and it's pretty cool he's an astronaut, you know? >> forerester says he is very excited to work with his team. the astronaut will travel to the international space station aboard space shuttle discovery, and the lanche date is august 24. >> good for him. it is 6:17 on a friday morning. time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> let's start with jim russ and find out the latest on the roadways on a friday. >> most recent action we've got on 95 is going to be northbound, northbound, north of route 3 in fredericksburg. vehicle ran off the road, and you'll find a brief delay getting past that. about 40 miles north of that, this is springfield, and we're looking pretty good here heading past the beltway on 395. now we'll go to a map and show you a new crash do
. moss will play with the first team offense and unlike for forrest if he is in the game he wants to get the ball. that would no doubt help the offense get into a rhythm for the first time in a preseason game this year. >> whether i'm getting the ball or not i have to run. we get in will and get something going. and we got it. >> it is very important. he likes to play. he loves -- he doesn't like to even watch at practice. so every chance he gets and also i think that it sharpens his game. i think he thinks that about practicing. and i think he thinks that about game time. and it just keeps his game sharp. you know, he caught over 70 balls last year and it is because he - he was just in there. he didn't care if he had five catches, 15 catches or one catch. he was in there work. he kept his game sharp. and i think that is -- i think that's what he means by that. >> jim zorn probably is going to keep his starters at least on the offensive side of the ball in there for about a quarter. the redskins still looking to score their first touchdown of the first season. >>> versatility will be a b
the lines where deer stripped away tree sap lings anwithout the p , lings, the growth, the forrest is not allowed to regenerate itself and therein is the problem. >> reporter: in a first-time deer management program, the park service is proposing sterilization and contraception or maybe sharp shooters. >> they'll come out and nibble a little bit on our azaleas. >> carol lives near the park where the deer make themselves at home in their yard and that some might be shocked? >> nightmare and outraged. we're about to payroll as -- paraalize and exterminate 400 large gentle creatures in the middle of our capital. an outrage. >> and others say something needs to be done. >> could be my least favorite and on the other hand, i don't know that if we get to that point that is really such an awful option. it happens, you know, throughout the united states. >> the park service said if and that is a big if, it goes with thsharp shooter option, it would use a model in place in nearby montgomery county. >> sharp shooting would be done by a plane professional. please understand we're not talking
screen right there, after they pulled off camera, they went and supposedly or allegedly targeted forrest for his rolex watch and championship ring. now, we will show you some video at an apartment complex, where police say these are the suspects that gunned him down. forrest, police say, went and armed himself and went to try to reclaim his property, and the second shot in this video is of forrest, police say, leaving the apartment and after which he was gunned down, shot in the back several times. as of now, as i said, his murder is still unsolved. he leaves behind a 12-year-old son. kyra? >> appreciate it so much. we'll stay on top of that story. >>> the surprisingly popular cash for clunkers program could be done for unless the senate acts quickly. cnnmoney.com's poppy harlow has more. >> reporter: senators meeting in less than an hour, huge topic on the table aside from health care, $2 billion in potential additional funding for cash for clunkers. why? because that initial $1 billion has essentially all been used up in a very short amount of time. there's a lot of interest in this pr
the national forrest. good jobs doing the work that america needs done. most of the work is being done by local businesses. that's how we are going to get this economy growing again. there is no doubt that the recovery plan is doing what we said it would, putting us on the road to recovery. we saw last friday, the jobs picture is beginning to turn. we are starting to see science of business investments coming back. so people, i think, sometimes when i listen to them on tv or on these cable shows, they seem to have a selective memory. we started with this mess. we are now pulling out of it. that doesn't mean we are out of the woods. that doesn't mean we are out of the woods. boezman local job center reports 800,000 job seekers for 160,000 jobs. we can't sit back and do nothing while families are struggling. before this recession hit, we had an economy that was working well for the wealth thinkest americans and wall street bankers and it wasn't working so well for everybody else. it was an economy of bubbles and busts, an economy in which recklessness and not responsibility was rewarded. we can't
vernon forrest, remembered, he was shot and killed after an attempted carjacking. keeping you current on espnews. >> coming up on espnews, wide receiver plaxico burress received explosive news from a grand jury on monday. the latest on the wide receiver's weapons charges. >> rain put a damper on nascar sunday. we'll show you what drought ended on monday, for an emotional winner. over the last few years we've seen a major coaching care snell college football there. won't be any change in the swamp. >> keeping you current with the latest news, scores and highlights, this is espnews available in high-definition. along with an always fired up jonathan coachman. rain didn't play a major factor on monday at pocono raceway? >> this is a track that's not known for exciting physical races. but as the chase quickly approaches, oh, how that would change! >> a gorgeous day for racing. just 24 hours after a deluge caused a postponement. points leader tony stewart started at the back after his crash during practice. he would have a rough day but wound up finishing 10th. problems for jimmie johnson,
finished the butterfly. his mom was very proud. >>> a funeral for slain boxer vernon forrest. he was shot and killed during a robbery attempt last saturday when they were trying to get his ro lex watch and championship ring. he was carjacked at his mother's house. >>> an 18-year-old deaf teenager won the women's motor x super x at the examine games. she came back from practically the back of the pack. this woman is gaining national notoriety for her racing. amazing. >>> watch the per owing i take out teddy roosevelt. the pittsburgh pirates raised pierogies, which is a slavic dump ling. the two apparently collapsrashe. literally. >>> we got the nascar minutes. nascar and nationwide insurance teamed up this week to bring awareness to a problem that is all too common: distracted driving. the brooifr r driver showed just how dangerous it could be while he tried texting and driving a simulator. it just goes to show how hard it is to drive at this speed when you're not highly focused. the research shows truck drivers are 20% more likely to have an accident if they're texting. only 14 states hav
. >> [crowd noise]. >> and forest griffin no surprise that the crowd will be in his corner. >> yes. forrest is a likeable guy. >> you never know what he will say in interviews. i read his book this last week. i was laughing out loud on the plane. >> forrest griffin right on the number 205. looks good. >> he looks lean and ready to go. >> looks relaxed. in decent spirits as well. he knows he has nothing to lose. he is going up what many consider the best pound for pound. he is ready to bring it. he's in great shape. >> here's the ufc middleweight champion of the world anderson silva. a great demeanor. you talk about composure and he is the picture of it. >> even when he steps in the cage, he doesn't look like he sweats. doesn't show a lot of emotion. very compose. >> [cheers and applause]. a tremendous athlete. great skills on the ground. uses his body effectively. a tremendous fighter. >> part of the reason considered the pound for pound best because he make its look so easy. he make its look like he is not even trying in there. >> forrest griffin taking full advantage of the extra 20 pound
olympian, thousands expected. just getting under way now for vernon forrest. >>> katherine jackson is back in court expected to fight for this control of her son's estate. ted rowlands joins us in los angeles. you're outside the courthouse. tell us what's happening inside. >> reporter: the hearing was delayed a bit. just getting under way now from what we're told from a court spokesperson. katherine jackson is there along with his two sisters and brothers. a huge contingent of lawyers inside the courtroom. we're expecting the judge will rubber stamp the custody agreement where katherine jackson gets custody of the three children, debbie rowe gets some visitation at some point down the line when it's appropriate there. the judge will have to entertain katherine jackson's wishes to have a larger role in the estate. and basically she's asking for more information. the executers are saying, we're not willing to give her information unless she plays better our rules and their rules are they want her to sign a confidentiality agreement that is too cumbersome. they are fighting. the judge will ha
of contracting at inscom, forrest evans, deputy program manager and contracting officer representative at inscom. and april stephenson, director of the defense contract audit agency. our second panel represent some of the companies working under the limbo stick services contractor. these witnesses are john houck from global linguistic solutions, the president, thomas miller general counsel, l-3, and gregory schmidt, vice president, northrop technical services. again, i want to reaffirm and state thank you all of you for attending. before we hear from the witnesses i want to offer some background to illustrate why the gls contract makes a good case study for some of the myriad of questions that congress has directed this commission to tackle. as noted, the gls contract is a five year contract of the indefinite-quantity, indefinite delivery type that the government uses wind precise forecasts cannot be made of the scale or the timing of the needs. this is a cost type award the arrangement that is used throughout the theater whenever there is significant uncertainty about the scale or the timing of
nobody is hiring. >> this is what shocked me too. you went over to wake forrest university human resources and you just walked right in thinking, okay, it is human resources. i'm going to get an interview. what happened? >> i went in and i was just looking around. i saw they had jobs posted on the board. i went up to the recessionist and said, okay, can i have a job, please? i basically asked, how do i apply for a job. she referred me to their employment website, which is standard. she says everybody has to put their resume on there and apply. i told her, is there any way i can get around that, can i speak to someone? she basically told me, no, you have to go on there and apply. he so i went on there and applied and i haven't heard anything yet. >> i am calling out wake forest university now. the fact that you went in there and said, hey, can you help me out, it would make sense that they would be thrilled to see you. i love your courage, nicole. >> thank you. >> you ready for your 30-second pitch. >> i am. >> here we go. we are going to start the clock. nicole, take it away. >>
of the los angeles area right now. the fires are burning in the angeles national forrest. one is a real monster, already scorched nearly 1,900 acres and 45% contained. the other blaze has burned 30 acres. a fire also is in monterrey county that's spread across three square miles. chad myers tracking those flames for us on tropical storm danny. >> danny, what it is doing now and how it is defying what the models think or thought was going on. here is the center of danny, nowhere near where the congestion, where a convection and thunderstorms are. the computers thought that donny was going to be here. all of the sudden, you follow this yellow line. that's what danny has done today. it has actually turned left. it continues to go left. so what would be a computer model that says that now is already about 40 miles off because that's not where the storm is at this point in time. so is that going to matter. yes, sure, it could. because the forecast is to make this big right-hand turn. if the forecast was 60 or 80 or 100 miles offshore, now, we are going to divide that by two and we take you b
who shot and killed vernon forrest. he was arrested after trailing him for miles. he was wearing a wig. he has been charged with murder and other charges. >>> usually when coach rick pitino steps in front of microphone, it's to talk basketball, but yesterday he talked to the media about the scandal surrounding an extramarital affair he had six years ago. in a news kfrpts, he admitted he had con essential all sex in w. a woman in a closed louisville restaurant. he also said he felt it was better to admit what happened than lie. >> if you tell the truth, your problem becomes part of your past. if you lie, it becomes part of your future. and i made a very difficult decision to tell the truth to the federal authorities, the local authorities, to university officials, and most important the people that love me the most, my family and friends. i love the game, love my players, love this university as well as this community. i don't want to coach anywhere else and i don't believe in anything as much as i believe in in university and this state. for as long as them's have me, i'll coach here.
on something called an m p 3 forrester, a magnetohydrodynamic thruster. something like a space station, then you have this electric propulsion with some small tanks, the advantage of electric propulsion, you don't need big propellant tanks. but the really neat thing, i will point out with my little red marker, each of these are individual payloads, individual aeroshells, you can break that up, you don't have to do it all in one lump thing. we start to come closer to what we are used to. you can haul other stuff, stuff that doesn't have to go to the surface. you can have some habitat modules and things like that, you make this thing so it is reusable. you put all this investment in, it will go back and forth, you start to set up something like a railroad. last point, it keeps open the ocean for crew return, i couldn't let that go. i would like to tell you i am a smart guy, this has been my idea and all that. if this is so great, why has nobody thought of this? the answer is, they have, many times. 1957, before i was born, walt disney, werner von braun made a movie about going to mars u
from the movie "forrest gump," or as the bass player in the lt. dan band. i've had the honor to meet many of our soldiers and veterans. it's a sad fact that some of our warriors, some of our nation's finest citizens, are wasting their lives through suicide. suicide is not the answer. it's final. it robs you of your chances for a better life and brings pain and heartbreak to your loved ones. you don't have to go it alone. v.a. cares about you. v.a. is reaching out to veterans who are thinking about suicide. so reach back now. don't wait. call 1-800-273-talk and press "1." our counselors will not share your information with anyone. thousands of veterans have had the courage to call. how about you? call... >> this is jeff norman. he doesn't get health insurance from an employer, so he's been buying it himself for years. he's healthy, so he wonders why his rates keep going up. liz sloan wants health insurance but doesn't think she can afford it. we're assurant health, and we've been customizing plans to meet the needs of individuals for over 110 years. for instance, with our two-year rat
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